Thad Cochran can't seem to get enough red carpet events.

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Thad has traveled the entire world on expensive, taxpayer-funded junkets.

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Thad Cochran lives in a 2.1 million dollar home on Capitol Hill in DC.

See how his glamorous DC lifestyle compares to the average Mississippian's life.

Calling all Patriots! We need your help to make Chris McDaniel the next U.S. Senator from Mississippi!

As we work to ensure that 2014 produces winning candidates who will stand for personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future, we’re calling all hands on deck to get McDaniel over the finish line in the Republican primary on June 3.

Chris McDaniel is a lifelong Mississippian, who currently serves in the state Senate. His record as state senator is one of support for personal freedom, economic liberty, and cutting spending. He’s exactly the kind of change Washington needs right now, but he’s up against a tough, six-term incumbent.

Senator Thad Cochran is as establishment as they come. He’s been in Washington for four decades, and represents Beltway interests more than he does the people of Mississippi.

The difference between the two couldn’t be more striking. Where Cochran will earmark taxpayer dollars for pork projects, McDaniel will slash spending. Where Cochran will vote according to special interests’ positions staked out by groups like the Chamber of Commerce, McDaniel will vote to limit government to return more power to the states. Cochran even voted with Harry Reid to make amnesty for illegal aliens possible, whereas McDaniel was the first candidate in the country to sign the No Amnesty Pledge.

It won’t be easy. Sen. Cochran has the Republican Establishment in his corner. But the senator also lost touch with the American people, which is why he’s vulnerable in 2014. That’s exactly why Chris McDaniel is the right man for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

If you’re in Mississippi, join us by getting involved in the McDaniel campaign! You can volunteer to campaign door to door, make phone calls, put up yard signs, or simply tell your neighbors why McDaniel is the right man for the job. If you’re outside the Magnolia State, consider donating to Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund as we fight to get McDaniel to Washington!

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